Vascular birthmarks Removal

There are two  types  of birthmarks :

  • Vascular 
  • Pigmented 

Vascular  birthmarks  are  disfiguring   especially  when  present  in the face  and  neck 

                      The gold standard treatment for these lesions is pulsed dye laser (PDL);  We at AKJ   have the world’s best  PDL  System, V  beem  ( Candela ). 

The depth of penetration of  PDL  is slightly less,  so for ticker and deeper lesions,  we also combine long-pulsed  Nd  YAG  (Gentle  YAG  –  Lumenis  U.S.A )  to achieve the expected outcome.  Gentle  YAG  has three different spot sizes to treat different body areas.

                  Our team headed by renowned   Dr. Selvam has more than 10  years of expertise in various laser technologies.  Vascular skin lesions are his special area of interest;  so we assure you that you are in the best hands;  Our well trained experienced team provides you excellent care before,  during  and after your treatments;   every client is assessed carefully and then specific treatment is planned after detailed discussion with the client. 

Before & After Pictures