Laser Surgical Scar Treatment

Laser treatments use powerful technology to reduce the look of scars without harming surrounding skin. In just a few easy treatment sessions, your surgery scars are much less visible, leaving behind smoother, more attractive skin.

We  at  AKJ have  the  world-class  technologies  to  tend  to  your  scar  problems  

 Our  renowned  Dr. Selvam  has  more than 10 years  of  expertise  in various  laser  procedures  

We at  AKJ  have  2  different systems of excellence to treat your specific scar types;   These systems are the most advanced scar revision technologies globally.  Both  these  lasers  provide  dependable  results  and  are  entirely  safe for your  skin  

  • Fraxel  system  [ Solta , U.S.A ]    –    erbium  glass  laser  technology 
  • Ultra  pulse system  [ Lumenis, U.S.A ]    –   Fractional  CO₂  Laser technology 

These systems are available only in a few renowned lasers and cosmetic centers in India and worldwide. 


           Surgery or trauma causes inflammation which leads to altered collagen.  This causes depressed areas in your skin.  The laser produces heat energy that stimulates collagen formation leading to remodeling of scar area.   The surrounding skin is not affected by laser and  So Lasers are entirely safe. 

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