Burn Scar Treatment

Forget  your  worst memories  of burns with the help of Burn scar revision lasers at AKJN;  We offer the best  treatment to leave your burns in the past and move forward  in life with confidence 

We at AKJN Skin and laser center Tirunelveli and Chennai have two world-class technologies for burn scar revision 

  •  V beam ( candela ) – PDL  (Pulsed  Dye Laser )

       For early burn scars 

       We have the most advanced  PDL laser which is the only one of its kind in Tamilnadu 

  • Ultra pulse ( Fractional  CO₂  laser)

        For late Burn scars 

       The most advanced fractional  CO₂ laser ultra pulse is available in our AKJN, which is the first of its kind in Tamilnadu.

       Ultrapulse is the best CO2 laser among all available scar treatment lasers. Ours is one of the four Ultrapulse machines available throughout India

       Ultrapulse machine can treat thicker scars better than any other similar laser

Both V beam perfecta and Ultrapulse machines guarantee excellent results in remodeling burn scars 

Both Vbeam perfecta and Ultrapluse machine guarantee excellent results in remodeling burn scars 

Laser  effects  in  burn scars : 

  • Reduce  Pigmentation 
  • Reduce  thickness 
  • Reduce  redness
  • Reduce  itching
  • Reduce  contracture 

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