Lightsheer ET

Laser Hair Removal Device for All Skin Types
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The LightSheer ET as do all LightSheer models comes with a ChillTip handpiece. The handpiece delivers excellent epidermal contact cooling and compression. This helps to increase the penetration capability of the laser’s energy as it is being directed to the base of the follicle.

Other System benefits include:

  • Practically no patient downtime.
  • No consumables are required.
  • The Lightsheer can also be used to treat: Leg Veins, Benign Pigmented Lesions and Pseudofolliculitis Barbae (PFB) (otherwise known as razor bumps).
Laser Type Diode Arrays
Wavelength 800nm
Repetition Rate Up to 2 Hz
Spot Size 9mm (square)
Fluence 10-100 J/cm2
Pulse Width 5-400 ms OptiPulse Peak
Power 1600w
Cooling Self-contained, closed cycle system
Electrical 100-120 VAC, 100-120 VAC, 12A, 200-240 VAC, 8A, 50/60 Hz
Weight 61 lbs / 27 kg