The Physics of ellman® Radiowave Technology

There is an inverse relationship between frequency and how deeply RF energy penetrates tissue.


There is also a relationship between the frequency used and tissue’s resistance to the energy. The high frequency of ellman® Radiosurgery® encounters less tissue resistance and shallower penetration than lower frequency electrosurgery. This means less heat is generated in the tissue. The low frequency of electrosurgery encounters high resistance and deeper penetration. This generates more heat, which contributes to more cellular destruction along the path of the incision.


73% Less Thermal Damage with ellman® Radiowave Technology

A study at the University of Iowa compared ellman® radiowave technology to two leading low frequency electrosurgery generators6. The purpose of the study was to accurately measure the thermal damage between all three generators.

Each generator used the same electrode model, the ellman® Vari-Tip™ electrode, with a 0.007 inch diameter wire. Ellman manufactured the Vari-Tip™ electrode to fit in the ellman® Surgitron® Dual generator along with the Bovie® 1250 and ValleyLab® Force Fx generators. Each generator was set by the research staff to the optimum power setting to minimize drag on the tissue.

All skin incisions were made on a porcine abdomen. All of the incisions from the ellman®, Bovie® and ValleyLab® generators looked similar with the naked eye.

However, when the tissue samples were histologically examined with Hematoxylin Eosin stain, a dramatic difference was seen.


Additional Studies Support Less Thermal Damage with ellman® Radiowave Surgery Technology

Other studies support the conclusion that the ellman® 4.0 MHz generator produces less thermal damage than electrosurgery or laser generators. In 2004, Dr. Stan compared the histology of incisions made with ellman® versus ValleyLab® Force Fx. Under similar cutting conditions, he found that ellman® had 84% less thermal damage than ValleyLab® Force Fx.

Researchers are finding that ellman® high frequency radiowave surgery products have outstanding patient outcomes when compared to other modalities, such as conventional electrosurgery and lasers. Although the amount of thermal damage will vary based upon the type of tissue and the doctor’s technique, Ellman radiowave technology consistently produces less thermal damage than conventional electrosurgery under similar conditions.